Associate Story
Elizaveta Bacheyeva
Finance Associate
I realized shortly after I joined the firm how important and unique collaboration is in Latham culture. We were instructed to research infrastructure bonds in the US, Europe, China and other regions in Asia. Frankly, I was perplexed — I knew the necessary expertise was somewhere within the firm, I just didn’t know how to find it. It was Latham’s tradition and culture of support and collaboration that helped me. I was amazed by how supportive and helpful Latham lawyers from different offices, departments and practices are and how integrated we are across the firm. Compared to my experience in other law firms, it was surprisingly easy to approach colleagues in other offices and to receive a prompt response in a very friendly and efficient manner. In a few days, we were speaking with our colleagues in Los Angeles, Madrid, Hamburg, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and London. It showed me how close Latham lawyers are, despite the often thousands of miles between us.