Leverage your skills for good.

Be part of something bigger than yourself.

Be part of one of the largest pro bono legal service providers in the world. In 2020, Latham provided approximately 260,000 of pro bono legal services globally, valued at over US$208 million. Between 2000 and 2020, Latham provided almost 4 million pro bono hours in free legal services to underserved individuals and families and the nonprofit sector valued at more than US$2 billion.

We believe that pro bono is a unique form of volunteerism, through which we leverage our skills and resources for the benefit of society and underserved communities. Latham lawyers worldwide share the belief that contributing through pro bono is important to us as an institution. As a result, the culture of pro bono is deeply entrenched in who we are as a firm, and we engage across the public interest spectrum.

Latham will support your efforts to develop a pro bono practice and ensure the doors of justice are open to all, regardless of income. Your work on pro bono matters will earn full billable hour credit, with no cap.

Learn more about our pro bono efforts here.

Pro Bono at Latham
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You Can Affect Change

Beyond pro bono legal work, you can join Latham lawyers who donate their time, talents and money through community service initiatives. You can work with a variety of non-profit organizations and charities that we currently work with, or bring new charitable causes and organizations to the firm. We currently have established relationships with programs in support of:

  • Legal services partners
  • Food banks
  • Soup kitchens
  • Homeless shelters
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Low-income senior centers
  • School and mentorship programs
  • Health advocacy organizations focused on HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases

When you join Latham, you join a professional community where we not only support each other in our daily work lives, but also when we face unexpected personal hardships, crises and catastrophes. In this spirit, we have established a fund, LathamCares — from voluntary donations — to provide grants for our colleagues offering immediate, short-term financial relief for personal hardships. Learn more about LathamCares here.

Learn more about Latham’s efforts to reopen the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

Ensure a Sustainable Future

You can help fulfill our responsibility to the world around us, recognizing that our future depends on smart decisions in the present.

Through Latham’s multi-pronged sustainable resources program — SMART (Sustainable Measures and Recycling Tactics) — you can help us take responsibility for our planet as we work to reduce the firm’s environmental impact and conserve natural resources by operating our offices in a sustainable manner. Learn more about SMART here.

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