Get to Know Us

Latham attracts and retains highly qualified and motivated people by creating an atmosphere in which associates feel appreciated for their talents and challenged to fulfill their potential.

Latham is unique in the swift and sophisticated manner with which it promotes its associates. For instance, client contact comes quickly in the career of our junior colleagues, encouraging and empowering them to play key roles on their teams. In addition, associates are incorporated into the firm’s management structures early on, to acquaint them with the business side of our profession. At Latham, we recognize that every associate has a significant contribution to make to our future.

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Think of Your Career - We Do

Latham offers a carefully designed professional development program that is targeted to an associate’s stage in their career, skill sets and interests.


Participants in Latham’s internship program gain experience in international legal work, and immediately jump into conducting research on demanding legal transactional aspects and shadowing its lawyers to learn about a career at Latham. In addition, Latham offers a series of sessions in which various departments provide an overview of their practice and introduce the type of work that they do.


In addition to training on the job, Referendare participate in Latham’s internal Referendare curriculum, which includes complimentary access to Kaiserseminare, the renowned legal studies review service. These activities cover what Referendare need to know from litigation to civil law for both the oral and written parts of the 2nd State Exam.

Once an individual has successfully completed their Anwaltsstation in Germany with the firm, there is the potential opportunity to spend the Wahlstation at one of our foreign Latham offices.

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit

If you are looking for additional experience while working on your doctoral thesis, or even alongside regular Referendariat duties, Latham offers the opportunity to work for the firm for two to three days a week on a month-by-month basis, which also involves all regular training opportunities. 


New associates and lateral hires may choose from a multitude of training and career options. Our international program has been augmented with training appropriate to the specific requirements of the German market, including technical training, accounting and negotiation skills. Corporate Practice associates are invited to our regular German Corporate Training Retreat, which offers comprehensive coverage of general corporate law, M&A and capital markets transactions, as well as accounting skills.


Lawyers across Latham speak more than 55 languages. However, because much of our work is international, we are interested in lawyers with an excellent command of English. Latham also provides its Legal English Training program, which allows firm lawyers to refine their written and oral skills using topic-specific source material relevant to individual needs and practice areas.